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5 Ways To Spend Quality Family Time

Having a family with children can often leave you feeling rushed and stressed day to day. Our days are likely filled with some nagging, cajoling, and running from place to place. We try to de-stress by watching TV or taking a soothing bubble bath. The problem? We aren’t eliminating the stress but ignoring it. We […]

Tips for Making Family Time Fun

If you have children, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of rushing from place to place, nagging and cajoling them to do chores and homework, or zoning out into your own world to de-stress in front of the TV or behind a newspaper. When we are rushed and under stress, we often […]

Get Ready for School with a Bus Etiquette Review

If your children take a school bus or public transit to school, make bus etiquette part of your back to school preparations. After relaxing throughout the summer, your children have probably fallen out of their school routines including their bus etiquette. Start by waking them a little earlier each day to practice for those early […]

Bicycle Safety Considerations

With the nicer weather, more and more people are getting out their bicycles to spend time outdoors. I’m blessed to live in the Greater Vancouver area where cities and municipalities have set up multiple bicycle paths, as well as skate and bike parks. However, I was recently reminded of the importance of teaching children about […]

Looking for a unique gift idea?

This question was posed to me some time ago and, again, by someone quite recently, “Next week I will be meeting my, soon to be, Step-Mother for the very first time.  I would like to buy her a gift but have no idea what to buy. Do you have any suggestions?” A beautiful bouquet of […]

Camp Etiquette

Preparing Your Child for a Positive Summer Camp Experience Sleepover summer camps provide a wonderful opportunity for children to learn new skills, develop friendships, and gain a sense of independence and autonomy. It also gives them a chance to practise their etiquette skills. Before sending your child to summer camp, review these skills to help […]

Is your Child a Victim of Cyber-Bullying?

Cyber-bullying is very scary and on the rise. Not sure what Cyber-bullying is? It is when pre-teens or teens bully using technology. Cyber-bullying is minor against minor. If adults are bullying it isn’t Cyber-bullying, it is Cyber-harassment or Cyber-stalking. The techniques that children use to Cyber-bully are limited only by their imagination and access to […]

Multi-family Vacations

Planning is Key to Successful Multi-family Vacations What could be better than getting away for a holiday and having your friends or extended family with you? Sharing a vacation with others can be a convenient and fun way to spend time together and you can save money by sharing the costs. Before you embark on […]

Choosing Appropriate End-of-School Teacher Gifts

As the school year comes to an end, it is customary for students and parents to offer a gift of appreciation to teachers who have helped them throughout the year. Although, one should never feel obligated to give a teacher gift, if you were happy with their work, a gift is a nice gesture. Knick […]

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