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Teaching Gratitude to Children

Gratitude is an important life skill that can have a lifelong impact on overall happiness and life satisfaction. Not only does it foster feelings of empathy and consideration for others, but it reduces feelings of entitlement and chronic disappointment all too common in our busy, self-indulged society. Nonetheless, teaching children to be grateful can be […]

Library Etiquette

We’ve all been there, trying to get some peace in a library and someone doesn’t abide by the rules. Let’s see if we can set some guidelines: No noise or loud talking! The Library is a place for quiet study and reading. Be respectful of others and keep to your space. In other words, “don’t […]

Encouraging Manners at an Easter Egg Hunt

Whether part of Christian Easter celebrations or simply a fun activity, Easter egg hunts have become quite popular in the United Kingdom and North America, as well as in many other countries. Traditionally, boiled eggs are dyed bright or pastel colours and then hidden for children to find. Today, boiled eggs are often replaced with […]

Preparing for a Successful Celebration

Creating and observing traditions are an important part of creating shared values within a family group. Through Thanksgiving, families and friends have an opportunity to reconnect, share thanks and rejoice together. Here are some key thoughts on preparing for a smooth and successful Thanksgiving celebration: Observe Dining Etiquette When attending a Thanksgiving celebration, the host […]

Children’s Etiquette Class at The Vancouver Club

I had a wonderful time teaching my Children’s Etiquette class at the Vancouver Club this past weekend. The children were an absolute delight, participating in all the fun activities and role-play; making them all the perfect diners! I would like to extend my special thanks to all the members of the Vancouver Club, who registered […]

Back to School Bus Etiquette

If your children take a school bus or public transit to school, make bus etiquette part of your back to school preparations. After relaxing throughout the summer, your children have probably fallen out of their school routines including their bus etiquette. Start by waking them a little earlier each day to practice for those early […]

What Is a Good Age to Start Teaching Manners?

Any age is a good age. One is never too young or too old to learn good manners. Start how you mean to go on and start today! I was recently on an international flight from Europe to Vancouver. A relatively long haul even for the best seasoned traveller. In the row in front of […]

Bicycle Safety Considerations

With the nicer weather, more and more people are getting out their bicycles to spend time outdoors. I’m blessed to live in the Greater Vancouver area where cities and municipalities have set up multiple bicycle paths, as well as skate and bike parks. However, I was recently reminded of the importance of teaching children about […]

Bus Etiquette

— Traveling on Public Transit in Style Many children take a bus to school and, as with any public situation, following basic rules of etiquette helps to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Whether your child takes a school bus or uses public transportation, the start of the school year is a good time […]

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