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Dining Etiquette Tips for any Occasion

With all the dinner parties and gatherings, dinner parties offer a wonderful opportunity to teach children about social and dining etiquette. If you are hosting one, you can recruit your children to set the table and use this time to review each piece in a table setting, what it is used for, and where it […]

Dressing for Holiday Parties

Nothing ruins the fun of a holiday party more than feeling self-conscious or out of place and the clothes you are wearing play a big part in how comfortable you feel. When you choose the right outfit for an event, you’re free to enjoy yourself. But knowing what is appropriate for each holiday event can […]

Kiss Radio Interview: Tipping Etiquette for Take Out Orders

I’m thrilled to once again be featured on Kiss Radio as their go to etiquette expert, this time discussing tipping etiquette for take out orders. To tip or not to tip, that is the question in the latest interview. Have a listen to the interview below, and then share your thoughts with me on Twitter […]

Kiss Radio Interview: BYOB Etiquette for a Party

I was delighted to be featured on Kiss Radio again, as their Go-To Etiquette Expert, this time discussing BYOB etiquette tips for a party.

Table Etiquette Rules for Eating Bread

Breaking bread. Could there possibly be Table Etiquette rules about eating a piece of bread? Yes. It is not good table manners to pick up a piece of bread and use it as a baton. The etiquette rule being, don’t talk and wave your bread around in the air to emphasize your point. Take one […]

Mind Your Manners for Success at Dinner Parties

Whether you are eating with people you have known your entire life or are a guest at a table with people you are meeting for the first time, good table manners lead to a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere that is enjoyed by everyone present. This Easter, as you gather with friends and family members to […]

Hostess Gift Giving with Grace

                  Struggling for some gift ideas? Keep it simple. Hostess gifts do not need to be extravagant or unique. Generally, expect to spend between $20 and $30 for a hostess gift. Here are some of the top gifts to consider: Fine Wine or other spirits Chocolates or […]

High Tea Social with Elizabeth Etiquette

Last month I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at the High Tea Social put on by Young Women in Business. It was my pleasure to speak about the importance of table etiquette and manners for young women in the business world. I also had an opportunity to enjoy some tea with the […]

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