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Kiss Radio Interview: Wedding Etiquette

I was delighted to be featured on Kiss Radio again, as their Go-To Etiquette Expert, this time discussing wedding etiquette.

Wedding Season Is Here

Happy New Year from Elizabeth Etiquette. This is a special time of year for many young couples, as you might be one of those lucky ladies that got engaged over the holiday season. At Elizabeth Etiquette, not only do we focus on etiquette reminders to help you throughout your daily lives, but we also offer […]

Consider Wedding Traditions When Planning that “Special Day”

Traditionally, weddings have many customs and rules but, today, it is commonly accepted that weddings are primarily about the bride and groom. If you are planning your wedding, you have a right to do it in a way that makes you happy. However, this does not condone being selfish or disrespectful to others. Weddings are […]

The Perfect Wedding Shower

As you begin your wedding plans you will discover that there are a number of special events that take place prior to the actual wedding. The wedding shower is one of these exciting events. Traditionally, the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids are responsible for planning and hosting the bridal shower. Some people consider it improper […]

Is a Gift Required for the Bride and Groom when attending an Engagement Party put on by the Bride’s Mother?

The decision of whether one wants to give a gift, or not, is always at the discretion of the guest. However, that being said, it is customary to take a small gift, for the Bride and Groom, to the Engagement Party. Taking into consideration the couple’s taste in decor eg: Traditional, Contemporary etc. you may […]

Top 10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding!

Just the thought of planning a Wedding can be overwhelming and stressful for most people. Not sure where to start? Start with these Top 10 Tips as a foundation for your “To Do” List: Permission to Marry – Start off on the right footing and future in-laws, on both sides, will be happy. It is […]

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