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Valentine’s Day Dating Etiquette

With Valentine’s Day, many people’s thoughts turn to love and romance. That is equally true for young adults looking to find someone special. Whether this is your first time dating or not, following the rules of etiquette for dating shows respect and consideration for others – and that is attractive. If you pay attention to […]

Kiss Radio Interview: Dating Tips for Valentine’s Day

I’m so thrilled to share some good news with my readers. This morning I was interviewed by a wonderful women named Susie Hill from Kiss Radio in Vancouver, about Dating Tips for Valentine’s Day. This is a popular topic this time of year, as many adults go in search of that special someone. Whether this […]

5 Tips for Successful Dating

Wondering why you can’t get a date? With the holiday season fast approaching, these 5 dating tips may just be the answers you’re looking for, or tips you’re in need of for successful dating: 1. Keep your distance. Everyone likes to have their own air space. Standing too close to another person may leave them […]

How To Choose Flowers For Every Occasion

This is a guest blog post from my wonderful friend Julissa at ProFlowers. Ever wonder if the arrangement you’re gifting is sending the right message? Flowers are an elegant and thoughtful way to express your feelings, but many flowers convey different meanings. Knowing the symbolism and connotation of flower types and flower colors can make […]

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