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Christmas Holiday Gift Giving

Christmas holiday gift giving is a custom filled with noble intentions that sometimes have the unintended effect of sapping the cheer from shoppers. At Christmastime, we set out to choose gifts that show our affection and appreciation, but the process of finding the perfect gift can create stress. That said, to help get you started […]

Sharing Something

Sharing is when you allow someone to use something of yours or when you use something that belongs to someone else. The etiquette rules for sharing are: Ask before you take Say, “Please, thank you and you’re welcome” It is polite to “take turns” When you are the person borrowing an item, make sure you […]

Spring Cleaning Printables

Spring is in the air around the lower mainland, and many families have already begun their annual spring cleaning routine. To help you with your spring cleaning efforts, Elizabeth Etiquette has created a few handy printables for you to use. Cleaning List Rather than tackling your spring cleaning once a year, if you stay on […]

Being A Guest For The Holiday Season

So you’ve been invited to Aunt Lillian’s house for the holiday season. Observe a few golden rules and the holiday invitations will keep coming … GIFT: it’s good etiquette to bring a gift for your host/hostess, especially during the holiday season. It’s a great sign of appreciation, and helps show your festive cheer during the […]

Summer Etiquette Tips – House Guests

As summer approaches, many of us are preparing our homes for coming house guests and visitors. If you have children, it is a good idea to also prepare them for sharing their home with others, especially if the guests will be staying overnight.Children often become comfortable with their routines and may not adjust well to […]

Spring Cleaning with Respect

Now that we see a glimmer of sunshine, many people have started spring cleaning projects in their yards and homes. The warmer weather and the freshness of the budding trees and flowers inspire us to de-clutter, clean, and generally rejuvenate our surroundings. However, in our enthusiasm for these projects, we need to remember to be […]

Ring In The New Year with Etiquette!

Each year, we challenge you to extend your New Year’s resolutions to include etiquette. Every New Year, we tend to build a list of resolutions for self-improvement. When the end of December rolls around, we take a moment to think back and set positive goals for ourselves that will inspire worthwhile changes in our lives. […]

8 Tips for Being a Good RV Neighbour

Going on a road trip with an RV is a great way to travel and enjoy the countryside. An RV offers easy access to the outdoors with all the comforts of home. However, just like being at home, you will generally have neighbours, especially when you stop and set up camp. With neighbours by your […]

Successful Dating at University and College

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many people’s thoughts turn to love and romance.That is equally true for young adults attending university or college. Even though there is a lot of work, everyone needs a break and it can be nice to share those times with someone special. Universities are filled with potential partners and it is […]

Manners Matter – Even on the Slopes

February often feels like a long month. The weather has not quite brightened for Spring and is often still chilly in the morning and eventing. To get through these long days, many families look forward to Spring break vacation and, perhaps, a ski trip with friends and family. To help prepare you for such a […]

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