My husband and I are involved in the pre-war British classic car hobby. Our hobby has given us the greatest pleasure in meeting other owners scattered around the world in other countries where the culture of day-to-day social manners can be quite different from what we have been used to growing up in Canada.

Now that we have been invited to stay with people, especially in England, we felt we needed to brush up on dining and visiting manners and etiquette common mostly to Great Britain and the Continent.

Elizabeth spent two hours with us one evening guiding us through the fascinating maze of dining behavior and even introduced us to Royal etiquette. As I am a former teacher I found it very interesting to hear about her work with young children. We are both very fond of the royal family and also enjoyed hearing about Elizabeth’s uncle and his connection to working with the Royals in England.

We came away feeling much more comfortable about dining and visiting in any situation and would most heartily recommend any of Elizabeth’s options for etiquette classes. She is a most gracious lady and was open to answering all of our questions, including how to sit properly… I now know that crossing my ankles while sitting straightens my back and makes my whole posture much more ladylike.

Thank you, Elizabeth.

Sincerely, Colin and Laurel Gurnsey

“I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth in organizing a High Tea Social & Etiquette lesson for SFU’s Young Women in Business Chapter. From the very first phone call, Elizabeth was warm, professional, extremely knowledgeable and such a pleasure to work with. Prior to the social, she helped establish what Etiquette lessons may be best for the group we were working with. On event day, not only did Elizabeth deliver these lessons but she took the extra step of personally visiting each attendees table so they were able to ask questions that they may not have otherwise. Thanks to Elizabeth, our event received a ton of positive feedback from our members both in person and via social media. In my role, I interact with a lot of speakers and can truthfully say Elizabeth is one of the best I`ve worked with.  I highly recommend her for any Etiquette related workshops, socials, or one-on-one advice.”

Supreet Hundal | Executive of Events at Young Women in Business SFU

“Elizabeth is such a natural public speaker, it was fun and easy to follow along with her as she taught us the do’s and do nots of table manners.”


“Elizabeth is classy, patient, and also has a sense of humour. With a large group of over 40 ladies, Elizabeth was kind enough to visit each table in order to make sure she could answer questions from everybody. Stellar job!”

Betty Jin

“Elizabeth’s ability is a given, but her caring approach with people in the comings and goings of daily life is what strikes me as her most distinguishing characteristic. The indelible impression she has left on the advisors who later came under her management was one of grace and humility.  Elizabeth can not only deliver workshops on etiquette, I suggest that simply spending a day in her company is education enough.”

Jim Sumner, B.A., Cert. Ed., CFP | B4B  Benefits for Business

“An elegant and polished speaker with a most empathetic approach.”

Jacquelyn Johnston, M.Ed.RAC | Professional Health Coach

“I was personally and professionally inspired by the program. The session offers essential skills that are often the lost or missing foundation pieces that help drive personal and organizational success. You have delivered our workshops with passion, energy and expertise. Your willingness to share examples and experiences from your personal life is a unique component that creates an environment where participants feel safe and willingly open up to each other.”

Rohini Kapoor | Managing Director, Dejardins Financial Security

“I have known Ann (Elizabeth) since she came to Canada 27 years ago.  As a properly trained British nanny she looked after my medical partner’s home and two daughters.  She was the nanny that we all envied.  She exhibited the grace and dignity of a truly educated young woman.  She expected and received good behavior and manners.  My own children benefitted from her teaching. She gave my daughter and friends lessons in dining etiquette prior to her “Grad” from grade 7.

I believe that Ann (Elizabeth) would be able to teach manners and social skills to any age.  She is the essence of proper decorum.  She is extraordinarily kind and caring. I recommend her highly.”

Sharon Johnson, MD | Medical Director

“When I heard Elizabeth Etiquette was going to be hosting a class on table manners for children I thought, ‘Eureka! this could solve all my dinner time problems’ and it really  has. I’m not going to lie and say, my 4 yr old doesn’t still have her moments, but they are fewer and far between. Plus, when she does slip away from using her manners, I simply have to remind her of the Etiquette class and she remembers them without threats of a time-out, or that annoying 5 second countdown I find myself doing 20 times a day!  All in all, dinnertime around the MacDougall house is much more peaceful thanks to Elizabeth Etiquette.”

Yanick MacDougall | Personal Trainer and Mom

“The lessons I learned in Elizabeth’s workshop were very unique and useful in daily life. I found it as a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior. Many Thanks to Elizabeth.”

Shayla De Ruiter | Mrs. Charity BC

“My experience with Elizabeth was very positive. She was able to make traditional etiquette apply in situations we may experience today. I would love to take her class again.”

Kendall Andjelkovic | Miss Vancouver Island

“In taking the Manners & Etiquette workshop, presented by Elizabeth Etiquette, I learned quite a few things that I didn’t know before! Such as, bright nail polish looks unprofessional. I found the workshop to be very helpful in regards to how I present myself to others.”

Hannah Seaman | Miss BC

“I found Elizabeth’s Manners and Etiquette seminar very helpful. Since the seminar, when I ‘m out with my friends or family, I keep my phone on silent in my purse. What a huge difference. I am way more aware of my manners as well. Thank you Elizabeth.”

Danielle Bermel | Mrs. Lower Mainland

“Attending Elizabeth’s Etiquette workshop was an incredibly informative refresher in key points of etiquette and also provided new information that helped me in the Miss BC 2012 pageant. I believe it helped me in being crowned Mrs. BC, and will also help me in being poised, thoughtful and successful in my future endeavours. Thank you Elizabeth for providing such an informative and interesting workshop!”

Ami Muranetz | Mrs. BC

“I had a wonderful “manners and etiquette” workshop experience at the Miss BC pageant in July 2012. Not only did I become more knowledgeable about how to act, speak and sit in formal occasions, but also how to write proper emails, use cutlery and tackle formidable dinner guests. I would almost say this workshop is essential for all young women today who wish to carry themselves with class and grace and leave lasting positive impressions on those that they meet.”

Ada Gu | Miss Greater Vancouver

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