Valentine’s Day Dating Etiquette

Valentine's DayWith Valentine’s Day, many people’s thoughts turn to love and romance. That is equally true for young adults looking to find someone special.

Whether this is your first time dating or not, following the rules of etiquette for dating shows respect and consideration for others – and that is attractive. If you pay attention to these simple rules and conventions, you will be more successful and confident in your dating abilities.

Watch your distance

Everyone has an area around them that is their personal space and if other people get too close, the person will feel uncomfortable and not even know why. The specific size of the space varies between cultures and individuals, but In North America, most people require about two feet of personal space. When you are talking to someone, keep a comfortable distance between you. If you move closer and the person steps away or looks uncomfortable, take a step backward to allow them more personal space. When you allow people the space they need, they tend to feel more comfortable spending time with you.

Take a hint

When you are talking with someone, pay attention to subtle social cues indicating whether you are welcome to join in or if it is a private engagement. For example, if someone tells you they are meeting a friend for lunch, don’t assume you are invited to follow along to the restaurant unless they specifically ask you to join them.

Pay attention to your personal hygiene

You may grow accustomed to your body odour, but if you haven’t washed or brushed your teeth, other people won’t enjoy being around you. For close encounters over coffee, pay attention to your oral hygiene. And don’t think you can cover up a missed shower by being more liberal with your cologne or perfume. You will only make it worse and may even trigger allergies in those around you. With fresh breath and a clean body, you are certainly headed in the right direction for a sweet conversation.

Know when to pull out your wallet

These days, the rules about who pays when on a date can be confusing. Keep this rule in mind: If you invite someone out, whether you are male or female, be prepared to pick up the tab. If money is tight, keep your budget in mind when choosing your venue.

Don’t be a stalker

If someone turns down your invitation to go out or to date, don’t get upset or follow them in hopes of changing their mind. As disappointing as it may seem, know when to take “No” for an answer. Follow the rule of three: if you invite someone out on three different occasions and are turned down each time, it’s time to take the hint. The person is not interested and reluctant to say so. Continuing to pursue them is not likely to change their mind. Move on to other prospects and, if they are interested in getting together with you, they will make the next offer. Remember…

Every cloud has a silver lining. Who knows who you will meet next …

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