Good Study Habits

Boy reading

  • Be organized with an Exam Schedule, Reading Assignment Log and Study Planner, so you can keep track of all the topics and reading material you will need for your tests and exams.
  • Find a quiet place to study where there are no distractions such as television, music, or other background noise. If you don’t need your computer, shut it down! Otherwise you may be tempted to play games, or check e-mails.
  • Clear the clutter, giving yourself lots of space to work.
  • Sharpen pencils and make sure you have ample paper for notes.
  • Drinking water will keep you refreshed, so fill your water bottle before you start to study.
  • Only gather the books and things you will need for the test, or exam you are focusing on.
  • Put a “Please Do Not Disturb” sign on your door.

Study ☺.

Plkease do not disturb

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