Garage Sale Etiquette

Garage saleIt’s that spring cleaning time of year. Time to clear the closets, basements and attics! What better way to do so, than hosting a garage sale. But remember, one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure. So whether you are hosting a garage sale or attending a garage sale, here are some etiquette tips to keep in mind.

Hosting a Garage Sale

  • Be respectful of your neighbors
  • Let your neighbors know you are having a garage sale
  • Invite your neighbors to participate and make it a multi-family/community garage sale
  • Avoid confrontation – tag “Sold” items with customer’s name and number for later pick up
  • As an added incentive, offer delivery for larger loads – for a nominal fee
  • Prepare for changes in the weather – have tarps on hand
  • Hospitality is key – offer refreshments to keep people browsing and buying
  • Smile – greet everyone with a warm welcome

NOTE: Beware of fraudsters. Know how to recognize counterfeit bills.

SIGNS: How will your garage sale stand out? Post notices on Craigslist and post flyers around the community. However, as a common courtesy after the sale has ended; remove all posts online and flyers.

Garage sale peopleAttending a Garage Sale

  • Parking – be respectful of the neighborhood and do not block driveways or other vehicles
  • Respect the host’s property and stay within the boundaries of the garage sale (in other words, do not wander around the property)
  • Take cash with lots of change
  • If you really want to buy something, hold on to it. Putting an item back down and leaving it is fair game
  • Careful handling of fragile items – just like in the shops, if broken, consider it sold
  • Don’t be pushy – be respectful of other customers browsing the sale.

At Elizabeth Etiquette we wish you success whether you are buying or selling!

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