Etiquette Consultant on The BFG Movie


Elizabeth had the honour and the privilege of being selected as the Etiquette Consultant to Steven Spielberg’s The BFG movie. Elizabeth’s role as the Etiquette Consultant was to advise the cast and crew on the unique aspects of etiquette in the Royal household, to make the set and scene as authentic as possible.

BFG table

The entire experience was exceptional and rewarding for Elizabeth, and she thanks all those involved who made this adventure, and entry into the exciting world of movie making, possible.

BFG on set

Directed by Steven Spielberg, it is based on the book by the great Roald Dahl.

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One Response to “Etiquette Consultant on The BFG Movie”

  1. Christel V says:

    I have received excellent tips in etiquette from you, Elizabeth! Thank you so much! Would love to see you as the etiquette expert on Global TV!

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